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Antioch Food Not Bombs

Statement of Non-Violence
Time and Location


Welcome to Antioch Food Not Bombs!

Food not bombs serves fresh vegetarian food, to anyone who is hungry, absolutely free. Most of our food is surplus food from local grocery stores. Sometimes the food has reached the end of it's shelf life or doesn't look quite right so the store can't sell it. We don't believe so much food should be thrown away and food not bombs has been creating wonderful meals with this food.
Please contact us if you want to help cook or serve. Food not bombs is completely volunteer. We are not an organization but a chapter of something much larger, a movement.
The money spent on weapons in one week is enough to feed the entire world for one year. We believe money should be spent on human needs such as medicine and food, not on things like bombs. Hence the name "Food Not Bombs."

Antioch Food Not Bombs

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Antioch Food Not Bombs